Where is TwitchCon 2022 being held?

There will be one in Europe and one in the U.S.

Image via Twitch

Twitch announced today the return of its annual self-named convention for 2022, following two years without an in-person event.

Last year, the livestreaming platform held an online event called GlitchCon after being forced to cancel TwitchCon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the platform’s annual event was never scheduled.

Assuming that complications surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic don’t worsen, TwitchCon will be back in-person for 2022 with an event in both Europe and the U.S.

The European TwitchCon event will be held in Amsterdam in July, while the North American TwitchCon event will be held in San Diego, California in October.

While Twitch was comfortable enough to announce these times and locations today, the platform added that flexibility will be key given the state of public health due to COVID-19.

“These are still uncertain times and our plans will remain flexible,” Twitch said in a statement. “Our top priority while planning TwitchCon is safety, and we will closely follow local health guidelines and recommendations.”

While Twitch did not specify exactly what venue these events would be held in, TwitchCon was originally supposed to happen in San Diego and Amsterdam in 2020. The San Diego event was supposed to be at the San Diego Convention Center, and the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre was supposed to host the other.

Additionally, the San Diego Convention Center had previously hosted other TwitchCons, suggesting that it could be making a return for 2022.