When is Sh*t Camp 2022? Full schedule and all activities

You'll want to follow everyone's channels to keep up.

Screengrab via QTCinderella on Twitter

QTCinderella’s chaotic congregation of streamers known as Shit Camp is returning this year with a loaded list of attendees that includes Ludwig, Valkyrae, and Hasan.

The event will have four days of festivities, and last year culminated in the special guest appearances of numerous OfflineTV and 100 Thieves members for a kickball tournament.

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This year’s edition of Shit Camp will have a wide range of activities beginning with an opening ceremony on Sept. 5. The event will end with a closing ceremony on Sept. 8.

Streams throughout the week will happen across all attending streamers’ channels, with different activities being dedicated to certain channels. The full schedule for the event can be found on Shitcamp.live.

When is Shit Camp? Full schedule and all activities

Tuesday, Sept. 6

Screengrab via Shitcamp.live

In the morning, Erobb will stream fishing. Following those broadcasts, gamers will try their hand at archery on Rich Campbell’s channel. That will be followed by a birthday stream on Rich’s channel.

The main event for the day will be an early evening scavenger hunt broadcast on two channels, Maya and Hasan’s. The nightcap will be on Ludwig’s channel, where streamers will play the newlywed game.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

Screengrab via Shitcamp.live

The day will start off with some ziplining on Cyr’s channel, followed by an afternoon relay race on Hasan’s channel. Austin will host a PJ party on his channel to end the night.

Thursday, Sept. 8

Screengrab via Shitcamp.live

The final day of Shit Camp is perhaps the most packed. Following breakfast on Britt’s channel, Myth will broadcast a paintball fight. After everyone has recovered, Zoil’s channel will feature Zorb soccer for an hour and a half before the crew takes on boat racing on Will Neff’s channel. The camp will end with a closing ceremony on QTCinderella’s channel.