When does the World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre-patch come out?

Wake me up when the pre-patch hits.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft fans have been ready for the next step ever since Visions of N’zoth went live and made way for yet another impressive expansion, Shadowlands.

Shadowlands was scheduled to hit the live servers on Oct. 27, but a patch prior to the full release is expected to become available so players can start prepping for their new adventure. The full-release of the game got delayed, however, to later this year but Blizzard didn’t leave the fans with empty hands despite the crushing news.

The pre-patch of Battle for Azeroth introduced Allied Races that players could unlock through short and informative quest chains.

The Shadowlands pre-patch won’t include any Shadowlands content like zones or covenants, but some of the much-anticipated system changes will become available, so you can get used to the new mechanics when the expansion drops.

These include class changes ranging from minor to significant spell adjustments. The most notable ones are how Shadow Priests will be spending their insanity in the new expansion alongside Hunters receiving more variety by having more common spells between the class’ specializations.

Don’t be surprised if you see your level shrink back to 50 since the Shadowlands pre-patch will be pushing the level squish that was announced in August. This change should help existing players speed up their alt-leveling process while newcomers should have an easier time catching up to max-level players.

A pre-patch event will also go live alongside all the changes that will take place in Ice Crown. The Scourge event should be enough to set the mood before Shadowlands becomes available.

When will the World of WarcraftShadowlands pre-patch hit the live servers?

Image via Blizzard

The predictions have been running rampant in the WoW community since Blizzard has been radio silent regarding the release date of the Shadowlands pre-patch. Most community figures predicted that the patch would become available on Sept. 29, but that turned out to be a bust.

On Oct. 1, Blizzard released a statement that it was postponing the launch of the expansion to later this year to iron it out as best as it can. While the announcement of a delay was heartbreaking for the fans, Blizzard announced the Shadowlands pre-patch would be going live on Oct. 13.

Blizzard didn’t mention when exactly the full-release would take place later this year, but at least the fans will have the pre-patch to go through until then.

What time does World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ pre-patch release?

The initial announcement by Blizzard had the date for the pre-patch, but didn’t say anything about when it would go live exactly.

The Shadowlands pre-patch is scheduled to go live after the server maintenance concluding around 5pm CT.

European players will have to wait a little bit longer, however, since the patch will be available for play on Oct. 14. The server maintenance is scheduled to end around 3pm CEST and European WoW fans will be able to jump in to the action.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available regarding the Shadowlands pre-patch.