What is the Minecraft Championship (MCC)?

Everything you need to know about the highest stage of Minecraft.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) is a Minecraft event organized by Noxcrew, a known creator within the scene that has many quality texture packs, adventure maps, and skins under its belt.

The event came to be after Minecraft Monday was cancelled in fall 2019, filling a gigantic gap for some competitive Minecraft action in many fans’ hearts. A total of 10 teams of four participate in the MCC and battle it out in a series of mini-games designed to test every participant’s core Minecraft skills. The teams’ performances in these mini-games feature parkours, combat, teamwork tasks, and survival and are awarded with coins, which directly affects their placements throughout the event.

Though there have been instances of fan-made teams participating in the event, the teams are usually made of Minecraft content creators and personalities. Team members get shuffled around after each event, making each iteration unique.

How can you watch the Minecraft Championship?

Noxcrew hosts an admin stream during each MCC, an excellent way to tune into the event if you’d like to have a wider perspective on the mini-games that are being played. You’ll also have the option to tune into your favorite content creators’ streams, however, since each participant will be allowed to stream the event from their point of view.

We recommend checking out the list of participants before each event to make sure, you know who to follow when the MCC kicks off.

How often does the MCC take place?

Though the MCC doesn’t have a predetermined schedule, Noxcrew does its best to organize it once every month. Considering there are no certain dates, your best bet will be following the event on Twitter since they update the fans almost immediately when a date is decided for the upcoming MCCs.

How long is a MCC event?

The MCC usually takes around two-to-three hours. The length of the show may vary in case of any delays or disconnected players, but Noxcrew has a good track record of keeping everything well-organized.

Which mini-games are featured in the MCC?

The list of mini-games can change depending on Noxcrew’s plans or even seasonal holidays. There’s still a list of mini-games that have become a stable part of the event, though, and you can expect to see the competitors dueling it out in the following maps.

  • Bingo but Fast
  • Ace Race
  • Skyblockle
  • Parkour Warrior
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Survival Games
  • Rocket Spleef
  • Battle Box
  • Big Sales at Build Mart
  • Sky Battle
  • Sands of Time
  • Dodgebolt