What does ‘sadge’ mean? Famous Twitch emote’s origin & usage

Twitch's saddest frog, explained.

Image via Twitch

Sadge is one of the most used emotes on Twitch and is a variant of the classic frog-like character who has been the subject of countless other emotes. The image is typically meant to express sadness or depression which is accentuated by the emote’s generally deflated look and prominent frown.

Twitch users can attain the ‘sadge’ emote by downloading BTTV.

Many streamers have the BTTV mod enabled on their channels, allowing for a whole host of third-party emotes to be posted and viewed in their Twitch chat, outside the normal global or steamer specific emotes.

Where did Sadge come from?

The sadge emote is an off-shoot of the popular Pepe the frog character, a controversial figure which originated on 4Chan and has since been repurposed into countless emotes. Sadge itself was created by Twitch user Redshell, as credited on BTTV. The image and phrase quickly circulated throughout related online communities, becoming a staple on Twitch in the communities surrounding VALORANT, League of Legends, and more.

Like many emotes, sadge also has an associated anthem that goes along with it. The Sadge Ballad, created by YouTuber V Valdo emphasizes the use of this emote by pairing the image with a piece of very melancholy music.

When to use Sadge

The sadge emote is used during a number of circumstances, though as the image’s name may suggest it is usually whenever a sad moment happens on stream. Your favorite team losing, the streamer recounting a heartbreaking story, or any other related incident is an apt use for the image which will likely elicit a barrage of ‘sadges’ in chat.