What does BibleThump mean on Twitch?

Don't be sad, chat.

Image via Twitch

Twitch culture is truly strange. It’s dominated by memes, memers, emotes, and never-ending trends that wax and wane with the times.

It can be difficult to keep up with all of Twitch’s memes and endless emotes. Some emotes, however, withstand the test of time and ascend above their initial status to become nearly as big as Twitch itself, like Kappa.

BibleThump is another one of these emotes. It’s been around seemingly forever, and it’s used in Twitch chats constantly in some very specific and sometimes upsetting situations. But what exactly does it mean?

Here’s the meaning of the BibleThump emote on Twitch.

Twitch ‘BibleThump’ meaning

BibleThump is a Twitch chat emote. The character in the emote is Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, a 2011 video game that immediately found success on Twitch in the speedrun and Let’s Play communities.

Image via Twitch

Due to its highly replayable nature, The Binding of Isaac was streamed quite often by many and is still streamed to this day. Twitch added BibleThump as an emote in its early days in 2012, making it one of the longest-standing emotes on the site.

In the game, Isaac is constantly crying and he even uses his tears as projectiles to fight enemies. That’s the basis of BibleThump: sadness and crying.

To put it succinctly, BibleThump is used in Twitch chats all the time whenever the chat is reacting to something sad. It could be a sad event in a game, a video a streamer is reacting to, or if the streamer themselves are sad about something. It’s Twitch chat’s way of conveying sadness and sympathy.

The next time your chat window is filled up with Isaacs, just know that a sad event occurred and you might want to consider typing in “BibleThump” yourself.