Valkyrae still has almost 200 streaming hours remaining in her YouTube Gaming contract

We may be seeing a lot more of one of the biggest streamers in the world over the next few months.

Screengrab via Valkyrae

As part of contracts offered by YouTube Gaming, streamers are required to complete a certain amount of hours broadcast before the end of their contracts—often hundreds of hours over the course of years. For Valkyrae, one of the platform’s most renowned creators, she has quite a few hours left before her contract ends next month.

Valkyrae said she had over 198 hours left to stream before her two-year YouTube Gaming contract comes to an end on Jan. 15, 2022. Valkyrae, co-owner of 100 Thieves and known for her VALORANT and other multiplayer game streams with her friends across streaming platforms, streams on an almost daily basis to audiences of tens of thousands of viewers.

Last night, Valkyrae tried to stream and put a dent in the hours she still had remaining, but she cut her broadcast short after encountering technical difficulties just five minutes into her stream.

Although Valkyrae maintained a consistent streaming schedule, controversies regarding the RFLCT skincare line resulted in her taking time from YouTube to focus on her mental health and stay away from the toxicity she got on social media. She has since bounced back from the controversy and maintains the viewers and interaction on YouTube Gaming that enabled her to grow her brand to the level it is now—and with enough time to finish her contract.

It’s unclear if Valkyrae is planning to renew her contract with YouTube Gaming once it expires. Considering she is one of the platform’s largest creators, however, it is expected that she will return under another deal. Recently, her fellow creator and friend, Ludwig, switched from Twitch to sign with YouTube Gaming, bringing another streamer with a large audience to the platform—though the move was followed by a suspension from the platform within two days.


Ethan Garcia
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