Valkyrae makes Twitter account private following months of harassment from stalker

She claims the stalker has made hundreds of accounts.

Photo via United Talent Agency

One of the biggest streaming stars of 2020 has been forced to switch her Twitter account to private following harassment from a stalker over the past few months.

In a tweet to her current followers, Valkyrae explained the reason for privatizing her account. She said her account will remain private until her stalker “dies.”

Screengrab via Twitter

The award-winning streamer also had some suggestions for Twitter in terms of ways to help people in her position block their content from unwanted eyes.

“Would love if Twitter had blocking options where the user can’t interact with an account that has blocked another account from the same device or somethin,” Valkyrae said.

A major reason why this situation called for her to privatize her account comes from users’ ability to make multiple accounts after being blocked on one. This means that Valkyrae had no other way to ensure that her stalker couldn’t just make another account and have access to her page.

Valkyrae had a massive 2020, skyrocketing to fame with the rise of Among Us that saw her YouTube channel grow to nearly three million subscribers. She also took home Content Creator of the Year at the Game Awards in December.

But her rise in popularity may have led to her being the target of this recent harassment. It’s unclear exactly when or if Valkyrae will make her profile public again.