Valkyrae looks to put RFLCT drama behind: ‘I’m in more of a positive mindset than a negative mindset’

Valkyrae is ready to move on from the RFLCT scandal.

Screengrab via Valkyrae

The drama that followed the RFLCT skincare line lasted only two weeks, but it engulfed the life of popular streamer Valkyrae and parts of the streaming community. The brunt of the controversy ended after the product line and website for RFLCT were shut down, and the 100 Thieves co-founder gave an update on how she is doing after the controversy during her stream last night.

“My mental is okay, my mental is okay,” she said. “It’s not nearly as terrible as it was when I was going through it for those two weeks.” The streamer also said she was having “really dark thoughts” during the controversy, but she doesn’t have them anymore. “I’m in more of a positive mindset than a negative mindset. I’m more grateful for the things that I have. I don’t want to let it hinder me anymore,” she said.

Valkyrae added she has “a lot of anxiety,” but she doesn’t know how much of it comes from her being “super unhealthy.” In the midst of the RFLCT saga, Valkyrae emphasized the negative impact the ordeal had on her mental health.

Before talking about how she was feeling after the controversy, the YouTube creator jokingly pointed out the RFLCT products present on her desk. “I’ve got a plethora of RFLCT stuff right in front of me,” Valkyrae said, “a daily reminder of some rare products that you can no longer get anywhere.”

After a short hiatus, Valkyrae returned to her regular streaming schedule and content. She seems to be back on track, streaming with friends and fellow content creators again.


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