Valkyrae confirms month-long streaming hiatus for new, unknown project

Valkyrae confirms a mysterious project.

Popular YouTube streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae intends to take an extended streaming hiatus after accepting an unknown project set to take her out of the country. Her break will last for about a month and will begin in early May, she revealed recently.

On March 30, Valkyrae revealed on her alternate Twitter account that she had been offered a mysterious project. Though thrilled about the prospect of the potential move, Valkyrae showed hesitation about accepting it, calling it “exciting but scary” and saying there was “lots to think about.”

While the streamer’s audience and friends encouraged Valkyrae to seize the opportunity, fans were left to wonder what her decision would ultimately be. Shortly after her Tweet, Valkyrae confirmed on stream that she had made the deal official and accepted the project.

Though the streamer will be inactive on YouTube for some time, she hopes to still be active on her other social media platforms. “I will be gone for about a month beginning on May 2, 2022,” Valkyrae said. “I won’t be streaming, but I hope to be active on Twitter and Instagram. It’s going to be a very long time. We still have a month until then, though!”

Though fans can’t tune in to Valkyrae on her usual live stream during May, they can look forward to seeing what exactly her next endeavor will be.