Valheim reaches the 3 million player mark

Three million Vikings.

Image via Iron Gate

In less than three weeks of early access, the Viking-themed multiplayer survival game Valheim has sold three million units on Steam.

Developer Iron Gate AB revealed today that the game hit this new mark just four days after reaching two million. Valheim has also obtained over 60,000 “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews, netting the game the 78th spot on Steam’s top 250 best-reviewed games of all-time list.

Much of the game’s success comes from a massive presence in the livestreaming community. In the month of February, it’s averaged just over 50,000 concurrent viewers, while peaking at 148,000, according to TwitchTracker. This success from Twitch popularity is following the same formula that games like Among Us and Fall Guys saw last year.

These big numbers on Twitch have translated to massive numbers on Steam. Over the past week, the game’s peak player number has steadily increased each day from 350,000 up to 390,000. Its numbers on Steam are already surpassing what titles like Fall Guys and Among Us had at their peaks.

In Valheim, two to 10 players fill a procedurally generated world with the goal of survival. They can craft bases and ships and defeat powerful enemies together. Valheim is the first game developed by Iron Gate AB. It was published by Coffee Stain Publishing, who’ve published Deep Rock Galactic, Goat Simulator, and Satisfactory.