Valheim hits 2 million units sold

Could this be the Fall Guys of 2021?

Screengrab via Iron Gate

Valheim is off to an incredible start as a new popular streaming title—and that’s reflected in its sales. Developer Iron Gate announced that the game has sold two million units on Steam in less than two weeks.

The game’s number of concurrent players also peaked at 360,000, according to Iron Gate. But the game’s all-time peak is 392,862 concurrent players, according to Steam Database, a third-party tool that collects Steam data.

The Viking survivor game is the fourth most-played Steam title right now behind well-established games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG. This scenario is similar to what happened with Fall Guys last August.

Mediatonic’s game sold two million units in one week and hit seven million units sold in less than a month. Valheim might be going in that same direction.

Valheim is Iron Gate’s first developed game but was published by Coffee Stain, an experienced company. It launched as early access on Steam on Feb. 2 and became a Twitch favorite in the first week with over 127,000 peak viewers on the platform.