Valheim breaks 5 million copies sold on Steam

On the up and up.

Screengrab via Iron Gate

Iron Gate Studio’s sandbox survival game Valheim has reached five million copies sold, the developer announced today.

Costing $19.99 on Steam for Windows systems, the Viking-themed game has generated buzz across the gaming community since becoming available to players just one month ago on Feb. 2. 

Iron Gate said players have spent a cumulative 15,000-plus years playing the game in just one month. The game hit four million copies sold for its early access product one week ago and hit three million on Feb. 19 the week prior.

In the past week, Valheim has been one of the top-15 categories on Twitch with 9.1 million hours watched, according to Twitch tracking website SullyGnome.

Since early access started, the game has recorded 37.7 million hours watched on Twitch, making it the 14th most-watched category on the platform. 

CohhCarnage is by far the most-watched content creator for the game with 1.9 million hours watched across 133 hours of airtime. Other notable content creators playing the game include Shroud, Ludwig, Sykkuno, Gronkh, Alanzoka, and Hanryang.

The Valheim world is still taking shape, too. Players are already finishing the content that the game has to offer, but Iron Gate has a content plan laid out for 2021 with four updates and a list of potential content patches coming “If Odin Wills It.”