CohhCarnage shows off his 140-hour solo Valheim base

Attacking this base is a bad idea.

Screengrab via CohhCarnage (YouTube)

Popular streamer CohhCarnage recently showed off his massive and detailed Valheim base that took 140 hours to complete. 

CohhCarnage has dedicated a lot of time to Valheim, a new Viking-themed multiplayer game where players must survive in a dangerous world. The game features a unique building system that allows players to build custom bases to protect themselves from enemies and other players. 

CohhCarnage took full advantage of this system and constructed an intricate base that required 140 hours to complete. He gathered all the needed materials by himself and completed construction without help.

The tour of the base shows that it has almost anything he could ever need. The base has a moat that helps prevent other players from getting into the base and two guardhouses with multiple iron doors. The base’s interior features a courtyard, workshop, main hall, kitchen, and a lighthouse that also serves as a bedroom. 

The base also includes multiple portals that allow CohhCarnage to move around the map with ease. The trophy room even shows the most impressive kills he’s performed in the game. The remarkable base combines a Viking aesthetic with a functional design. 

Valheim has exploded in popularity over the last few weeks and recently hit the three-million player mark. This is largely due to the number of streamers who have been grinding in the game, including CohhCarnage. 

CohhCarnage assured players that he’ll continue to build other bases and fans will likely see bigger projects in the future.