Tyler1 and Macaiyla now use walkie-talkies to talk to each other in their house

Walkie-talkies prove yet again to be the definitive form of communication.

Screengrab via Twitch.TV/Macaiyla
Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Macaiyla

Twitch streaming couple Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and Macaiyla have begun using walkie-talkies to reach one other while at home.

During her stream, Macaiyla was beginning to talk about her boyfriend but hesitated, not knowing if she should say what she intended to. To make sure she had the all clear, she picked up a trusty walkie-talkie and radioed in for Tyler.

“Baby are you here, over?” she said, confirming that the two do in fact use proper walkie-talkie etiquette.

“I’m talking about you, is that okay, over?” she asked.

“I don’t give a flying FUCK… over,” Tyler replied.

Then, during his own stream, Tyler was feeling particularly parched and stepped away from his desk to get water. But he quickly came back and decided to try taking advantage of his new radio.

“Baby, could you please get me a water? I’m in a game, over,” he said while not being in a game.

“I’m watching your stream, over,” Macaiyla responded.

“Ah, I’ll get it myself then. Thanks, love you, over,” Tyler said, looking defeated.

Credit must be given to the pair who have finally found the ultimate method of maintaining a healthy relationship: acting like children.