Twitch’s paid Boost feature reportedly live on the platform

You might start getting some interesting recommendations on Twitch soon.

Image via Twitch

The paid “Boost this stream” experiment by Twitch is reportedly underway.

In a post to Twitter today, streaming reporter Zach Bussey wrote that Twitch had begun its experimental initiative to give select creators a chance to be discovered.

Prior to this experiment, Twitch worked to create a version of the same “Boost this stream” feature that involved viewers donating channel points. The platform’s modification of the feature to be for money drew skepticism from streamers like xQc and many others on social media.

Along with reporting that the Boost feature was live, Bussey posted a screenshot of what a campaign looks like to viewers. The image showed that only U.S. viewers can donate to boost a channel and they are limited to a maximum of $500 per boost.

Not all streamers have access to this feature, and the ones that do are not able to use it at will. The “Boost this stream” campaign is one that Twitch activates on a participating streamer’s channel at which point the streamer and its viewers are notified.

The activation of this experiment comes just more than a week after Bussey reported that the platform had delayed the test until “some time in November.”