How to Boost a stream on Twitch

You can't choose when it happens to be prepared.

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Twitch announced the expansion of its “Boost this stream” experiment that is taking part through the platform’s Community Challenges, and viewers may want to pay a little bit more attention to chatrooms in the coming weeks.

While the Boost this stream challenge is similar to most other Community Challenges, it isn’t set by the stream. Twitch decides when it is available to streamers and what the parameters are for it.

This isn’t a challenge that viewers or streamers can start by themselves. It is started by Twitch sending a notification to streamers that the challenge is available to them.

Once the challenge has started, viewers should notice a notification at the top of the chat showing them that the challenge is live. At that point, viewers will be able to contribute to channel boosting efforts. 

Helping a content creator during a Boost this stream campaign will help give them added visibility on the platform, like the “Live channels we think you’ll like” section on the front page.

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To contribute to a Boost this stream effort, all you need to do is follow steps laid out on the interactive notification at the top of a channel’s chat that has a Boost this stream challenge active.

The most recent expansion of the challenge includes the ability to pay money to help the streamer you’re watching get increased visibility on the platform. Previously, the experiment only involved viewers using channel points.

The introduction of money as a way to boost has made some, like popular streamer xQc, criticize the platform.