Twitch updates suspension notification system to improve clarity for streamers

Notices will now include the content title and date of the offense.

Image via Twitch

Bans and suspensions on Twitch have long been a point of contention for streamers. Content creators disciplined by Twitch regularly express frustration on social media about how ban notices lack clarity and leave them wondering why exactly they’re in trouble.

Looking to remedy this dilemma, Twitch announced today that it will begin including more information when it takes action on users.

“As of today, enforcement notifications sent to suspended users will include the name of the content and the date of the violation to ensure they have better clarity about what content is being actioned on,” Twitch Support said on Twitter.

While the update is a step in the right direction, the new notifications appear to be the least the platform could do on the front. 

Typically when Twitch disciplines users, the complaint from those being suspended is that they don’t know what exact content got them in trouble. While listing a stream title might help people narrow their focus in understanding their ban, the VOD or stream may be hours long, making it difficult to pin down exactly where a suspendable offense occurred.

Additionally, Twitch regularly deletes content that elicits disciplinary action, making it that much harder to review and understand the suspension. 

Though much of the rule and guideline enforcement on Twitch is straightforward, having a more transparent and easy-to-navigate disciplinary system can help the platform when it comes to situations that aren’t clear-cut.