Twitch surpasses 1.7 billion hours watched in November, according to StreamElements and Arsenal

Facebook Gaming hit a new milestone, too.

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Twitch and Facebook Gaming hit new milestones in November, according to StreamElements’ report for the month. Twitch also saw an increase in overall viewership and some interesting changes to the categories that streamers broadcast under. 

Facebook Gaming dipped slightly in its overall viewership while still managing to stay over the 300 million hours watched threshold that it broke for the first time in June, according to data from, StreamElements‘ analytics partner. Even with the numbers dipping, however, Facebook has still shown a 100-percent year-over-year increase in viewership from November 2019. 

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Meanwhile, Twitch hit a new total viewership milestone, marking 1.7 billion hours watched in November. This is up 0.5 percent from October and was largely powered by yet another increase in viewership for the platform’s Just Chatting category. 

Just Chatting became the top category on Twitch in May and has been surging since. It set a new viewership milestone with 228 million hours watched, more than double what the second-highest category, League of Legends, hit at 116 million hours last month. 

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This success for Just Chatting is highlighted by a 14-percent overall increase in watch time from October and a 246-percent year-over-year increase from when the category was surging into the top charts late in 2019. 

As previously reported in some earlier data compiled by Streams Charts, former Counter-Strike player and coach Alexandre “Gaules” Borba took the title of most-watched streamer for November with around 16.2 million hours watched. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and Félix “xQc” Lengyel rounded out the top three, both pulling in around 14.5 million hours watched. 

Image via StreamElements also noted that the Beauty and Body Art category showed some incredible growth, going from just 32,000 hours watched in November 2019 to over 117,000 last month. In just Q4 of 2020, the category has seen a viewership spike of 466,000 hours watched, a 441-percent increase. 

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October is still the Beauty category’s biggest showing, though, with 349,000 hours watched due to a mix of the usual content and Halloween bringing in new people to watch people make costumes and cosplay.

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