Twitch streamer shows empty Times Square in wake of coronavirus pandemic

The popular tourist attraction is almost empty.

Image via Twitch

Over the past few months, COVID-19, or what’s most commonly referred to as simply the coronavirus, has brought entire cities and bustling communities to a standstill. One Twitch streamer put this reality into perspective today, giving viewers a live view of a nearly empty Times Square—a public space normally packed with tourists and commuters.

Twitch streamer “Miekii” is a bike messenger who often livestreams his trips throughout New York City. In a recent stream, he traveled to Times Square, which is usually swarming with people taking in the sights. This time, however, there were very few people due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the city.

“This is crazy,” Miekki said. “Man, look at this, there’s no one.”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused thousands of people across the globe to work from home and has made social distancing the norm. Some countries are facing full-on lockdowns to prevent further spread of the virus. New York City is one of the most-effected cities by the virus, and its bustling streets are now almost empty.

New York is now considered the epicenter of the United States COVID-19 outbreak. The state has nearly 8,000 confirmed cases—over ten times higher than the amount of cases confirmed at the beginning of the week.

On March 20, New York governor Andrew Cuomo issued an order that will put most of the state on lockdown starting Sunday evening. Cuomo stated people should only leave their house for food, medicine, and exercise. Only essential businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and laundromats will stay open. Restaurants with take-out or delivery options will also be exempt from the lockdown.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also impacted almost every region of the United States. There are nearly 30,000 confirmed cases across the country and 377 confirmed deaths. The virus has also impacted almost every industry and has caused every major sport to cancel or postpone their season.

Esports leagues and events have also been affected, and several have been forced to move to an online format. There are still a few leagues and tournaments active, however, so anyone who is going through sports withdrawals should tune in and give esports a try.