Twitch streamer racially harassed for the second time this week

She handled it smoothly, though.

Screengrab via Gianee Lee

Twitch streamer Gianee Lee has fallen victim to racial abuse for the second time this week.

The South Korean “IRL” streamer was at the receiving end of harassment just a few days ago when two intoxicated men openly mocked her on camera and slanted their eyes. She handled the situation accordingly and shrugged them off, but it was far from the end of it.

Yesterday, as Lee was walking through the streets of Berlin, Germany, minding her own business, a Turkish man took it upon himself to disrupt her livestream. “Ching chong ching chong,” he said as he waved enthusiastically at the camera.

Lee was far from amused when he asked her where she was from, and who was watching her stream, but she played along anyway. She looked visibly annoyed before bidding him farewell. “Racist, right?” Lee said to her stream while frowning.

The two separate acts of harassment would have been a dampener on anyone’s trip to Berlin—but evidently, Lee isn’t too disheartened. Despite the abuse, she said she doesn’t blame the German people, and she’s extended her stay for an extra 30 days.