Twitch streamer named Piece_Of_Sheet handed indefinite ban for “inappropriate username”

The Twitch bloodbath is going further than DMCA.

Image via Twitch

While most Twitch streamers are worrying about overbearing DMCA takedowns and potential channel suspensions on old VODs and streams, Twitch affiliate Piece_Of_Sheet has found himself in a different sort of sticky situation.

The account Piece_Of_Sheet was created in February 2012, according to Twitch stats tracker SullyGnome. His profile picture, true to the name, is a single white sheet. Eight years later, the platform has deemed it fit to hand the streamer an indefinite suspension for one reason: “using an inappropriate username.”

While the name is an obviously playful pun of its more commonly used cousin, Piece_Of_Sheet said he had been “super active” and received no complaints throughout his streaming career.

“Due to the severe nature of this violation… your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted,” Twitch’s email reads. “Access to your services may only be restored upon successful appeal.”

Piece_Of_Sheet will likely try to get his Twitch account back, even if it requires a fresh change of sheets. For now, you can check out Piece_Of_Sheet on his YouTube channel, which features a sizeable amount of League of Legends‘ Fiddlesticks content.