Twitch streamer known as SquidGame has Instagram account banned due to Netflix series

The Yogscast streamer has been eliminated from Instagram.


Lydia Ellery, also known by SquidGame on Twitch, had her Instagram account banned due to its similarities in name to the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

Before being banned, the British streamer claims that was being bombarded with messages from fans of the show. After being harassed and mass reported by viewers, Lydia no longer has access to her account and has been banned from the platform.

Though the Yogscast personality has sent in an appeal to Instagram regarding the issue, Instagram has yet to approve her return to its platform. Since then, Lydia’s Twitter post about the situation has been driven to the front page of Reddit as many have condemned the actions of show’s audience and the inconsistencies in Instagram’s reporting system.

SquidGame is a content creator for the Yogscast, a collective network of streamers and influencers across YouTube and Twitch. Lydia joined the group in 2018 and has since amassed over 41,000 followers on Twitch 29,000 on YouTube. SquidGame streams a wide variety of games and producing reaction content on her Twitch page, where she even jokingly referenced the Netflix series in several of her VOD titles.

Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game has entered the cultural lexicon of nearly every corner of the internet. The eight episode series has spread farther and faster than any show Netflix has ever produced, being the most watched show in more than 90 countries. Several weeks since the show’s initial release, the South Korean series is still consistently ranked in the top 10 most viewed on Netflix.