Twitch streamer kjanecaron nearly burns down kitchen during subathon

This Twitch streamer had a kitchen nightmare.

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Twitch streamer kjanecaron almost burnt down her entire kitchen during a recent cooking stream as part of her subathon but escaped the harrowing situation mostly unscathed.

Subathons were largely popularized after Ludwig’s month-long success back in March 2021 and countless other streamers have since conducted their own subathons with increasingly wilder concepts and runtimes. Kjanecaron was only one day into her subathon whenever she decided to spice her content up with a cooking stream.

The cooking portion of her subathon almost immediately saw disaster strike. The streamer’s pan quickly overheated and clouded her entire kitchen in a cloud of thick smoke. With the fire alarm going off in the background, fire sparked in the pan and kjanecaron’s panicked reaction only made the situation worse. With oil splattering everywhere, the fire almost spread throughout her entire kitchen.

After the unfortunate combination of oil and water only worsened her situation, the Twitch streamer quickly opened a door and called out for help. The smoke began to subside as her home aired out, but without the presence of a fire extinguisher, all kjanecaron could do was wait for help.

Eventually, the situation was resolved when the fire department came to clean up the mess. With several hundred viewers watching the entire ordeal, kjanecaron escaped the situation with only a slight burn to her hand. Following the attempted cooking stream, the streamer paused her subathon to acquire bandages for her burned hand. But kjanecaron has since returned to her subathon, which is still ongoing.

This terrifying situation for the streamer certainly pointed to the importance of owning a fire extinguisher and having a fire plan.