Twitch streamer cycles over 2,000 miles in 36-day long subathon

Robcedee's monumental cycleathon ends.

Australian Twitch streamer robcdee finally ended his 36-day long subathon, most of which he spent cycling across Japan. Robcdee wrapped up 2,020 miles across the entirety of his subathon and revealed a special message to viewers.

Though not without their critics, subathons have continued to sweep the streaming ecosystem. The practice involves streamers extending their stream’s length when audiences subscribe or gift subscriptions to their channels, meaning subscribers will add a specified amount of time to the broadcast.

While other streamers have sought to put a twist on the indisputably successful trend, IRL streamer robcdee may have ended the most unique subathon yet. Instead of adding time, robcdee’s ‘cycleathon’ added distance for each subscription. Each subscription to the streamer’s channel added 200 meters, and individual donations added 40 meters for every dollar donated.

Streaming for approximately nine hours a day, robcdee reached 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) in only twenty-four days. While robcdee spent most of his broadcast on his bike, he also took time to show his rapidly growing viewer base the different locations in Japan he reached during his travels.

On June 11, robcedee finally reached the end of his over a month-long trip. After circling all the way back to his starting point, robcedee ended his broadcast just outside the Yokohama area. Reflecting on his subathon, robcedee admitted he only expected his cycleathon to last a week, but the stream and community defied his expectations.

Before ending the broadcast, the streamer showed that the unique path he took to cap off the trip was a secret message to Twitch chat: he was drawing a heart-shaped route with the final kilometers of his trip.