Twitch streamer beats Elden Ring in a week using only one hand

There's increasing the difficulty, and then there's whatever this is.

Image via FromSoftware

For many gamers, Elden Ring is the hardest game they will ever attempt to play or beat. FromSoftware is notorious for the difficulty of its games, and Elden Ring is no exception. Defeating the game’s various enemies and bosses takes building up a character, learning and adapting to the various moves and forms that these enemies possess, and dying. Lots and lots of dying, as the game continually reminds you any time your character runs out of health.

Of course for some, Elden Ring isn’t enough of a challenge. Some of these players attempt to beat the game with intentionally bad builds, beginner gear, or by handicapping themselves some other way.

Then, there’s streamer MissMikkaa, who decided she was going to take on Elden Ring with only one hand.

MissMikka finished her one-handed Elden Ring run today after six days of streaming the self-imposed challenge. Remember how many weeks and months it took you to finish the game? Yeah, it took her less than a week.

MissMikka figured out a set-up on her controller where she manipulated both sticks with her thumb and palm, while using her other fingers to tap the buttons, bumpers, and triggers on the right side of the controller. Perhaps even more impressively, she sometimes switched hands during the playthrough, never using both hands at the same time, but managing to clear some of the game’s hardest bosses with whatever hand she happened to be using at the time, instead of one dominant hand.

In order to ensure she didn’t grab the controller with her other hand in intense moments out of habit and to make sure that the one-handed run was deemed legit, she set up a hand cam to show the controller at all times, and covered whichever hand she wasn’t using for the controller with an oven mitt or a sock, in order to ensure she couldn’t do much on the controller with that hand even if she tried.

Just let this be a lesson to you: not only can you beat all the bosses in Elden Ring. It’s possible to beat them all one-handed. It just takes some practice, and a whole lot of patience.