Twitch shortens Mendo’s ban following xQc stream-sniping incident

Mendo will be back on Twitch soon.

Image via Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Mendo received a ban earlier this week for his involvement in a stream-sniping incident during the Twitch Rivals GlitchCon tournament. Mendo, Nightblue3, GrandPooBear, and xQc received seven-day channel bans, a six-month Twitch Rivals ban, and the forfeiture of prize winnings from GlitchCon.

Mendo appealed his ban, however, and Twitch has since reduced his ban from seven to three days, the streamer revealed today. 

Mendo received the initial ban for stream sniping during the tournament despite not interfering with the match. He was still aware of the interference and disrupted the tournament’s competitive integrity, which resulted in his punishment. 

The appeal allowed Mendo to be banned for “targeted harassment” instead of “stream sniping” and reduced his ban from seven to three days. Mendo is still banned from Rival Events for six months and forfeited the prize money from GlitchCon. Twitch agreed to donate Mendo’s part of the prize money to charity, and Mendo asked DrLupo to pick the charity for him. The donation will not be in Mendo’s name as he never received the prize money. 

GrandPooBear was also unbanned from Twitch earlier today, but it is unclear if he appealed the decision like Mendo. Nightblue3 has not provided an update on his situation, and xQc is still banned for the full seven days. 

This is the first time Mendo and GrandPooBear have been banned from Twitch, which might have helped them receive a reduced sentence. XQc has received four bans in the past and will likely have to wait out the remainder of his punishment.