Twitch Rivals: Hyper Scape North America Launch Showdown scores and results

Competitors include Tfue, fl0m, DrLupo, and more.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Ubisoft is teaming up with Twitch Rivals today to promote the beta launch of its futuristic battle royale Hyper Scape for a $100,000 tournament loaded with well-known content creators.

With 21 teams of three players each, the first phase of tonight’s event will have squads pub stomp for two hours and 30 minutes. Their top-three scoring games will be tallied up. 

Screengrab via Twitch

From there, the top four teams will play for 45 more minutes to try to get the highest-scoring game possible. The teams will finally be ranked based on their score from the first phase added to their score from the best game they played in the finals. 

To score points in a match, teams get one point for each kill they secure. In addition, teams get 15 points for winning a game. The tournament started at 4pm CT. Dot Esports will update this piece with scores and results throughout the evening as they become final.

Final scores

  1. Team Tfue 264
  2. Team Seagull 246
  3. Team DrLupo 244
  4. Team Aniemal 235
  5. Team TSM Viss 182
  6. Team Electra 157
  7. Team Lil Lexi 157
  8. Team SypherPK 155
  9. Team FooYa 155
  10. Team FATAL1TY 152
  11. Team TheDanDangler 142
  12. Team Sly 128
  13. Team MacieJay 112
  14. Team brofish 103
  15. Team HCJustin 96
  16. Team Missclick 95
  17. Team Holo 85
  18. Team BigCheeseKit 51
  19. Team FeralWife 39
  20. Team MsTeamKK 39
  21. Team Caliverse 35