Twitch Partners will no longer see ads on the platform

A small change that could increase crossover between top creators.

Image via Twitch

Twitch Partners are going to be getting a new perk rolling out soon. The platform will no longer force their partnered streamers to sit through ads on most broadcasts. 

This announcement was made first through the Twitch Partner Discord channel, where one of the moderators revealed that the feature was going to be dropping for all partners after it was “stealthily” being worked on. 

This perk allows Twitch Partners to jump between streams freely without needing to sit through ads or be forced to watch any ads run during a broadcast. Twitch is basically just making one of the Turbo subscription benefits available for its partnered streamers. 

The new feature applies to both pre-roll and mid-roll ads on normal streams, though there will be some exceptions (such as sponsored or partnered broadcasts with brands such as the NFL), according to streamer Zach Bussey

Esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau noted that a spokesperson for Twitch confirmed that this will only impact Partners, not Affiliates. This feature is also being put in place to increase the viability of raiding other channels.

“We want to make raiding as easy as possible, and have functionality in place that pauses ads for partners to make it easier for them to find channels to raid,” a Twitch spokesperson said to Slasher.

Additionally, these changes will not impact how normal viewers receive ads and you will still need a Turbo subscription or be a subscriber to a specific channel if you want to avoid ads on the platform.

Twitch will release an official announcement and details soon.