Twitch introduces experimental ‘chant’ feature for chatters

It'll only be available for a limited time.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is giving some communities access to a new experimental chat feature called “chant,” the popular streaming platform announced today.

The feature gives content creators and moderators who use the /chant command to “suggest messages in chat.”

The command will then give viewers a private message encouraging them to join others in spamming the specific message.

Twitch is already known for having various chat features to incentivize viewer engagement, such as Hype Trains, channel points, subscriber-only emotes, and bits.

The platform did not indicate how many channels or which specific content creators gained access to the new experimental command.

This feature will only available for a limited time, according to Twitch’s post on its customer support account on Twitter. But the exact length of time for the experiment was not disclosed.

Additionally, Twitch has provided a forum for viewers, streamers, and moderators to leave feedback on the experiment.