Twitch considering new content policy with ‘mature’ tag

Twitch proposes new update.

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Twitch is testing major changes to its mature content tag, according to a report by Zach Bussey. These changes have not been confirmed by Twitch, although if they are approved, it could allow the platform’s broadcasters to stream potentially sexually suggestive content without consequence if they abide by the pending guidelines.

Twitch has long had a mature tag that gates off certain streams by age. This mature tag, in its current state, is entirely optional, unenforced, and used by relatively few streamers. This proposed new iteration of the mature tag would come with stricter enforcement but may allow streamers more freedom to stream suggestive content.

Bussey reported this new policy would essentially create an ‘after dark’ category, which would still be heavily regulated by many of Twitch’s current rules regarding sexual content. Steamers under this mature category would still not be able to broadcast masturbation, sex, or content implying either of these things.

Under these guidelines, Twitch admits that while there is content that does not technically infringe on any of its standings rules, it still may not be appropriate for all potential viewers. The streaming platform has clarified what types of content would necessitate a mature tag under this proposed update:

  • Sexual health education content
  • Discussions of sexual topics or experiences
  • Performing fetish content (body writing, feet webcams)
  • Groping of one’s own body
  • Prolonged kissing targeted at the camera
  • Facial expressions associated with sexual arousal
  • Sexually explicit camera framing
  • Suggestive dancing, including lap and pole dances
  • Sexually explicit art
  • Channel text, titles, or overlays with sexual content
  • Content encouraging mature conversations in chat

While unconfirmed, streams tagged as featuring mature content would be less discoverable to Twitch users. Twitch has yet to make an official update or statement regarding this possible content update, as the website is still receiving user feedback.

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