Twitch bug results in all stream viewership counts dropping to 0

The issue has since been resolved.

Image via Twitch

On Oct. 4, many Twitch users across the streaming service were supposedly streaming to nobody because of a new bug that was found and subsequently resolved. 

Last night, many viewers saw their favorite streamers with zero viewers, which proved that this was something out of the ordinary. The rest of Twitch was the same and nearly every stream had zero viewers—although there were some streams that had 10 to 50 viewers, strangely. 

Twitch had a huge spike in reports that lasted around three hours. Around 55 percent of these reports suggested that it was a website issue, rather than a user issue, with the remaining 29 percent and 14 percent related to stream video and log-in errors, according to DownDetector

Many streamers experienced the bug while it was occurring. William “JERICHO” Tucker Boner saw the bug on the Twitch website while he was live. “I think there is a Twitch glitch that just knocked everybody down,” he said while examining the viewership of each streamer. 

After laughing at the strange glitch, JERICHO saw the opportunity to roast competing streaming service Mixer. “How do these people have 49 viewers—what is this Mixer?” he said. There may be some truth to this statement, since Mixer has been struggling with its viewership, even with the addition of streaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. 

Considering that this glitch temporarily broke a critical feature to the streaming service, Twitch fixed the issue within a few hours.