Twitch bans partner after famous Pink Floyd photo is shown on stream

Yet another Twitch partner has been banned for suggestive artwork.

Twitch art streamers
Image via Twitch

Brazilian Twitch partner Gabepeixe received a three-day ban from streaming after a famous photograph appeared during one of his streams.

The alleged Terms of Service violation occurred when Gabe was watching and reacting to a video on his stream. The video featured another creator sitting at their computer and over their shoulder on the wall was a framed print of the iconic 1997 “Back Catalogue” photo advertising Pink Floyd’s discography.

Following this stream, Gabe tweeted that he had been told by Twitch that showing the photograph on stream broke the platform’s guidelines and he would be temporarily banned from streaming.

“Guys, just letting you know that Twitch will suspend me for three days because of a Pink Floyd poster that appeared during a guy’s video, and the guy’s been streaming on Twitch for a year and nothing ever happened,” Gabe said. “Anyway, just letting you know and saying I’m sorry.”

For the last several weeks, Twitch has confused its users on its guidelines regarding artwork after several controversial incidents.

Most recently, art streamer Saruei received a three-day ban for her suggestive illustrations, despite artist and Twitch employee GeersArt creating similarly-revealing artwork on his stream the same day she was punished.

Twitch partner ZombiUnicorn has done live body painting on her stream without any repercussions in the past, leading viewers to wonder why illustrated suggestive content is viewed more negatively by the platform’s staff than real-life suggestive content.

At time of writing, Gabepeixe’s ban hasn’t begun yet.