Twitch announces beta for Soundtrack, the platform’s new music service

Soundtrack is set to provide streamers an easy way to find cleared music for use on stream.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has opened up beta testing for its new music streaming service to all of its users.

Soundtrack will allow streamers to use licensed music on their streams without being flagged for DMCA. Using the application Twitch will separate the music from the streamer’s audio devices, allowing them to keep their audio on playback. In the past, this audio would have been automatically muted.

The service has a variety of different music already available on the platform. Artists and labels also have the ability to submit their own music for use.

This tool comes after a wave of Twitch streamers were banned following DMCA claims on the Twitch platform. These copyright strikes were not only coming from music played during recent streams, but in the case of some streamers, in old streams that aired months or even years ago.

For many streamers, this is an extremely handy tool that is going to allow them to easily find and play music on their streamer, but while it is still in beta testing, the service has not been completely fleshed out and still holds some flaws.

One user replied to Twitch’s announcement saying that after using the service, all of his VODs were removed. Other streamers have been encountering an issue when connecting Soundtrack to Open Broadcasting Software where it is restricting access to older versions.