Twitch adds new feature for users to file unban requests

This addition will allow moderators to review requests and determine if they should be granted.

Image via Twitch

For many years, Twitch streamers have been able to enforce the rules of their stream by banning users. To either apologize or justify their behavior, these users would have to contact the streamer through a separate social media platform or through another account.

Fortunately, Twitch has added a new feature that will allow banned users to petition their case to moderators in the chat.

The new widget has been added to Mod View, where moderators can see a list of users requesting they be unbanned. This will allow them a way to send a message describing the situation and explaining why they didn’t deserve this punishment. Users will be able to submit one of these requests through the chat column, but they will only be able to submit this request once.

Many users have responded to this new feature, saying they likely can’t see a reason to unban a user that they have banned in the past. Other users have pointed that this gives banned users another direct line to harass moderators.

The feedback has not all been negative, though, as some users shared their appreciation for this feature and said it would ideally negate all the whisper spam streamers receive from users who would like to be unbanned.

Twitch said this feature will be coming to mobile devices soon.