Trainwreckstv permanently banned from GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0

He can appeal the ban.

GTA IRL streamer
Image via Rockstar Games

Trainwreckstv has been banned from GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0 day days after being accused of metagaming.

After a screengrab of Trainwrecks saying in a Twitch chat he had been permanently banned, a NoPixel staff member confirmed to Dot Esports that Train had been permabanned, although he has the opportunity to appeal the ban in 30 days.

Screengrab via Reddit

This ban comes just days after multiple clips surfaced suggesting that Train had been using other players’ knowledge as his own on the server. The practice, called metagaming, is directly against NoPixel’s rules and has in the past led players to be banned.

In this situation, the information that Train is believed to have learned had taken other players on the server weeks of research to learn for themselves.

One of the key players spearheading this research was fellow streamer UberHaxorNova, who after seeing the clips, called for moderators to intervene.

The repercussions of this research being stolen through metagaming would have major effects on the current storylines active for each character on the server. Due to this, many of the other players who Train had informed with this knowledge chose to pretend that they were not told so that their characters could find out organically by playing on the server.

Trainwrecks hasn’t directly addressed the ban, but on Twitter, the streamer shared that upon his return to streaming, he plans to get back to content outside of GTA RP.

Update March 10 10:30pm CT: Train has released his own statement regarding the ban claiming it was an attempt to protect the monopolization of power in the game for select streamers.