Trainwreckstv has heated moment while playing Among Us

Train went on a rant.

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In Among Us, a game in which players attempt to deceive each other to ensure their survival and victory, different players react different ways. While some stay level-headed and reason with their fellow crewmates, Trainwreckstv took a different approach during a recent stream.

After a player claimed he was in the Lights room, Train immediately became aggressive with the crew, saying he was in Lights with no one else. Train had been the imposter during the round and took offense as he believed the only time the other players in the game made good calls in the game were when he was the imposter.

“I’m in fucking Lights. What is wrong with this group,” Train said. “Literally, all of you, each of you, seeing me this game, that game, this game, why don’t you keep your consistency when I’m fucking crew member and have to sit through stupid backward logic. And as soon as one game I’m an imposter—whether it’s this game, that game or the next game—you’re fucking geniuses. Why the fuck are all of you saying, ‘I’m with you’ when I’m not with you. I just don’t get it. You motherfuckers I’m so sick of it.”

The heated atmosphere the game can create in situations like this has led to some streamers avoiding playing with other streamers or not to play at all.