Trainwrecks says EA will not allow him to play in NICKMERCS’ Apex tournament because of gambling streams

Trainwrecks had a heated response for EA.

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Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv claimed via Twitter that EA has forbid him from competing in NICKMERCS’ Apex Legends tournament due to his stream’s gambling content.

NICKMERCS recently announced his $50,000 Apex Legends tournament with several big streamers and content creators. On his stream, NICKMERCS commented on the issue.

“My assumption and understanding is that it has to do with the stuff he does on stream,” Nick said. “Personally, I don’t really care so much about the gambling stuff.”

Following Trainwreck’s initial tweet, he launched a heated attack at EA, clearly upset with the reason behind his exclusion. In his tweet, the 30-year-old streamer called out EA for ‘virtue signaling,’ citing its use of FIFA Card Packs and past deals in which the company allegedly paid Trainwrecks $150,000 for playing Apex. The Twitch streamer also threatened to sponsor Nick’s tournament for double the amount.

Though believing himself to be unfairly prohibited from competing in the tournament, Trainwrecks’ stream has heavily featured gambling content. In a July 10 tweet, Trainwrecks revealed that he had lost approximately $2 million off-stream. Despite this, Trainwrecks claims that his gambling streams are transparent and tackle the difficult subject responsibly.

EA and Nick have yet to respond to Trainwreck’s loaded tweet, although many fellow streamers and content creators have come out in support of Train.