Trainwreck teams up with Rise Above the Disorder to give his Twitch viewers free therapy sessions

The streamer made a $350,000 donation to kick off the Community Care Program.

Images via Trainwreck/Rise Above The Disorder

Popular streamer Trainwreckstv has teamed up with non-profit mental health care company Rise Above the Disorder in their campaign to bring free online therapy to thousands of creators and streamers on Twitch and YouTube, and to their wider communities too.

Trainwreck shared a statement on July 18 detailing his $350,000 donation to the campaign which will provide roughly 12,000 sessions to his Twitch streaming community.

Trainwreck is the first creator to come onboard with Rise Above the Disorder.

“The Community Care program focuses on helping people start therapy with licensed mental health professionals practicing empirically researched methods of therapy,” the statment reads.

“Therapy remains the most effective means to address the majority of mental health issues, but difficulty finding a therapist or being able to afford therapy have been a major barrier. At Rise Above The Disorder, we help eliminate that barrier entirely.”

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The RATD statement details how other streamers can get involved and help their community get free therapy. Creators can either donate or fundraise money that will then be used by their community to speak to therapists.

For those who are looking to get help, booking a free session will be done through a Discord bot. Messaging this bot is said to privately put you in contact with a mental health professional at Rise Above the Disorder. You’ll be sent a link to a scheduling platform where you can book a time for your session.

The statement assures users that no creators funding the program will have access to any clinical, personal, or other information that could identify someone using the service to get help.

Creators who come on board and provide this service to their communities will need to pay a separate administrator fee to help bring on RATD mental health professionals. This cost will be determined in regard to the creator’s metrics.

If you’re after more information regarding the service and how things will function, you can check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the statement here.