Top Twitch content from July 25 to 31: GTA stays on top amid slow week for esports

Personality-driven content stayed strong with most esports on break.

Image via Rockstar Games

There’s no match for the Just Chatting category, but GTAV roleplay streams again led the games on Twitch last week.

Most esports-centric games have understandably seen some amount of decline in viewership following the conclusion of high-profile tournaments. Among the games that had a break in action last week included VALORANT and Dota 2, both of which had the largest week-over-week declines among top 10 games.

Here are the top 10 most-watched categories on Twitch from July 25 to 31, according to Streams Charts data.

This past week on Twitch: July 25 to 31

Image via Streams Charts

GTA benefits from international appeal

Only a few games ever get the opportunity to be the most-watched title on Twitch, and doing it multiple weeks in a row is even more rare. GTAV’s recent dominance has come from not only getting top English-language content creators like xQc but it’s been in large part due to the international audience on the platform.

The top three most-watched content creators to play the game this week are Portuguese-speaking, and so were five of the top six. Only two predominantly English-speaking creators were among the top 10 most-watched GTA streamers this week: xQc and Buddha.

Is gambling here to stay?

The controversial Slots category was again among the top 10 most-watched categories this week, despite a slight decline. Trainwrecks, Roshtein, and xQc sponsored streams with Stake represented a large portion of the category’s hours watched. 

Train led the way with 1.57 million hours watched across 46.5 hours of airtime. Roshtein was close behind with 1.56 million hours watched over 66.5 hours of airtime, while xQc posted 710,512 hours watched despite just under 12 hours of airtime.