Top Twitch content, August 2022: Esports keep League at the top

League produced more than 133 million hours watched for the month.

Photo via Riot Games

Just Chatting is continuing to hold a lead on Twitch that can only be compared to the one that xQc holds among content creators. The category is so prevalent that putting it in the same discussion as games seems senseless.

With more than 261 million hours watched in August 2022, the category is down slightly from the previous month when it had around 269 million hours watched. But more importantly, it is up from last year’s 248.6 million hours watched in August 2021. The continued viewership growth of the category represents growth for the platform as a whole.

Here are the most-watched Twitch categories from August, according to data from Streams Charts.

Image via Streams Charts

Most-watched game: League of Legends

League of Legends was again the most-watched game on Twitch in August with more than 133 million hours watched. The game was closely trailed by Grand Theft Auto V, which is known for its popular role-play servers.

The game’s esports competitions led the charge with channels covering the LCK, LCS, and LEC all ranking among the top. Of the top 10 most-watched League channels in August, eight were dedicated to esports coverage, including numerous alternate language broadcasts. Tyler1 was the top content creator in the game with 4.6 million hours watched, making him the fifth most-watched channel in the category.

Rust gets a boost from Twitch Rivals

Rust may not have made it into the top 10 for August, but it was a close 11th place with 36 million hours watched for the month, which represented a more than 100 percent increase month-over-month.

The enormous influx of viewership in the title was due almost exclusively to the massive Twitch Rivals tournament for the game featuring Disguised Toast. Among the popular streamers to play in the tournament were xQc, theGrefg, hJune, and Mendo.