Tokyo Game Show 2021 full schedule and lineup

You might want to adjust your sleep schedule.

Screengrab via CESA

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 is poised to start later this week with an online broadcast schedule that spans five days for U.S. viewers.

With the event happening during the day in Japan, gamers in other parts of the world might have to move to a nocturnal schedule if they want to catch everything being offered from Wednesday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, Oct. 3.

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If you’re looking at schedules posted online, make sure to be aware of the time zone that’s being used. Many graphics of the Tokyo Game Show schedule use Japan Standard Time. That’s 14 hours ahead of Central Standard Time, for example.

Image via Tokyo Game Show

There are numerous different ways to watch this year’s show whether you prefer Twitch, YouTube, or another platform.

Here’s what each day’s schedule looks like using Central Standard Time:

Wednesday, Sept. 29/Thursday, Sept. 30

  • 8pm CT: Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online Opening
  • 9pm CT: Keynote
  • 10pm CT: Gamera Game
  • 11pm CT: SNK
  • 2am CT: SK Telecom
  • 3am CT: Team Madness Game
  • 4am CT: Microsoft (Japanese only)
  • 5am CT: Konami
  • 6am CT: Spike Chunsoft
  • 8am CT: CAPCOM
  • 9am CT: Izanagi Games

Thursday, Sept. 30/Friday, Oct. 1

  • 8pm CT: Official Program
  • 9pm CT: Sense of Wonder Night 2021
  • 2am CT: NTT e-sports
  • 3am CT: Happinet
  • 4am CT: 505 Games
  • 5am CT: Square Enix
  • 6am CT: Bandai Namco
  • 7am CT: Level 5
  • 8am CT: Sega/Atlas

Friday, Oct. 1/Saturday, Oct. 2

  • 7pm CT: Official Program
  • 8pm CT: Happinet
  • 10pm CT: Tencent Games
  • 12am CT: Lilith Games
  • 2am CT: GungHo Online
  • 4am CT: Japan Game Awards: 2021
  • 6am CT: Koei Tecmo Games
  • 8am CT: Konami (Japanese only)
  • 9am CT: DMM Games

Saturday, Oct. 2/Sunday, Oct. 3

  • 8pm CT: Official Program
  • 9pm CT: S-Game
  • 10pm CT: Japan Electronics College
  • 11pm CT: Arc System Works
  • 1am CT: 110 Industries
  • 2am CT: NC
  • 3am CT: GungHo Online 
  • 4am CT: Ubisoft
  • 5am CT: AKRacing
  • 6am CT: Wright Flyer Studios (Japanese only)
  • 7am CT: miHoYo (Japanese only)
  • 8am CT: Finger
  • 9am CT: Gransaga
  • 10am CT: Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online Ending