TimTheTatman says Ninja “helped out everybody” with his original move to Mixer

Ninja's move to Mixer helped streamers on both platforms.

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

Popular streamer Ninja announced his return to Twitch earlier today after a long break due to Mixer’s shutdown in July. Many fans are excited to see the entertaining streamer return to his original home and stream again consistently. And TimTheTatman made sure to take the time to thank Ninja for moving to Mixer originally since he said it helped streamers on Twitch and Mixer gain more traction and opened up options for exclusive deals. 

Tim explained in a recent stream that Ninja moving to Mixer helped streamers on both platforms. 

“I personally respect Ninja a shitload for what he did moving to Mixer,” Tim said. “He helped out everyone. I don’t know why no streamers are saying that. There were people on Mixer getting more traction from the move, people on Twitch were getting exclusive deals. Stuff like that didn’t happen until Tyler went to Mixer.”

Ninja’s move to Mixer created a vacuum for other streamers to fill since one of the platform’s largest personalities was gone. This helped streamers gain popularity and attract exclusive contracts from Twitch that weren’t available before Ninja’s departure. 

Ninja also attracted a lot of attention to Mixer, which featured a wide range of streamers but was often overlooked by fans. Ninja’s move to a new platform was risky since he was originally one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but it seemingly worked out in the end. 

Ninja is scheduled to make his first appearance back on Twitch later today on his official Twitch channel.


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