TimTheTatman roasts controller players by saying his infant son could get kills with one

"He could probably get a kill."

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

There’s been an ongoing debate regarding cross-platform play on games like Fortnite and Warzone lately. Many mouse and keyboard players are upset about how powerful aim assist is for those who use controllers.

While some Fortnite players have decided to embrace the overpowered nature of aim assist, others have simply ridiculed the capabilities that some controller players have without necessarily having to aim well.

On his stream today, TimTheTatman, who’s a mouse and keyboard player himself, took a jab at controller players while he was playing around with his infant son, Brewer, during the Just Chatting segment of his stream.

With his son at the computer, Tim picked up his keyboard and allowed the toddler to play around with all of the buttons. Laughing and smiling, Tim took the wholesome moment as an opportunity to mull over what his kid would be doing if he had a controller in his hands instead.

“You know what’s kind of crazy, bro?” he said. “I could put a controller in his hand and he could probably get a kill.”

As viewer opinions from both ends of the spectrum began flooding his chat, Tim felt the need to clarify that it was “just a joke,” but the floodgates had already been opened. Viewers started talking about other popular streamers who use controllers, like NICKMERCS.

At the same time, some people started to bring up how Dr Disrespect, who previously played on mouse and keyboard, has started to play some games with a controller because of the way aim assist works.

Though Tim’s bright smile and adorable child managed to keep the mood light, the weight of his diss was felt for the next several seconds while he continued to laugh, pleased by the reactions he was getting for his “joke.”