NICKMERCS gets housewarming gift in the form of subs during first stream from new “Man Cave”

It looks like a mix between an ESPN studio and a night club.

Streamer NICKMERCS in his gaming studio.
Screengrab via NICKMERCS

NickMercs was finally able to stream from his new “Man Cave” for the first time yesterday, and hype for the new pad quickly helped him produce one of his most successful streams in the past few months.

With an average of 39,722 viewers, Nick posted his second-highest average viewer count for a stream in the past three months, and his 10,105 new followers was the most that he’s gotten in one stream since before April, according to

Meanwhile, following the stream, Nick told fans on Twitter that his channel received more than 4,000 subscriptions. At the end of April, Nick had more than 46,000 total subscribers on Twitch, according to That figure was enough to make him third on the platform behind just Summit1g and xQc.

Mercs opened up the stream yesterday in the afternoon by showing off his new massive, ambiently lit streaming studio live for the first time. In late December, Mercs released a teaser and gave some behind-the-scenes info on the space in his Michigan home, but last night was the first time that he was actually able to stream from the room.

A large section of the room is dedicated to an oversized FaZe Clan beanbag chair and couch in front of a large flat screen TV, but don’t get it mistaken. The room feels like a cross between an ESPN studio and an night club.

Across the room, the NickMercs Gladiator helm logo accents a deep purple color theme. Along with an elongated fireplace underneath his TV, Mercs has a water wall on one end of the room with an extra computer set up that was being occupied by a friend.

In terms of partners, Mercs’ sponsorships with G FUEL and Scuff Gaming were on full display early on in the Man Cave stream. A true Man Cave is nothing without a mini-fridge, and Mercs’ came complete with one that digitally displayed “G FUEL” over the top of its glass door.

Additionally, a random monitor in the background of the stream held a screensaver saying “Scuf Gaming.”

As far as Mercs’ set up goes, yesterday, he showed off three new camera angles that he can cut to displaying various parts of his room, and at the same time, his facecam seems to have gotten an upgrade in the Man Cave as well.

Along with a massive four-monitor display, Mercs’ setup includes three PCs that are spread out in displayable positions behind him for maximum aesthetics. With three monitors at eye level, Mercs now also has an extra wide fourth display mounted to the ceiling that hangs down a little bit above the others.

Along with his new studio, Mercs had some customized imaging for his stream to go along with the streams new home including a multi-cam view that displays, his chat, and top donors with a title “THE CAVE.”

While Nick was open about still getting used to a lot of the elements of his new streaming setup and room, the excitement he had for it all was contagious on stream. As highly-popular Twitch streamer continues to get more comfortable with his new place, it’s clear that this new work space could open up a plethora of opportunities for Mercs’ broadcasts moving forward.


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