TimTheTatman does sponsored stream to promote Gillette products

Get your shave on.

Screengrab via CyberPowerPC

TimTheTatman did another advertisement stream today, this time promoting a new line of Gillette shaving products.

During a 2-hour long sponsored segment, TimTheTatman played VALORANT while periodically talking about Gillette’s “King C. Gillette” line of products. Among the products Tim showed off were razors, trimmers, and face oils.

As a part of the sponsored stream, Tim also put a “King C. Gillette” logo in the bottom right corner of his screen during the time block from 11am to 1pm CT.

Tim’s credentials for advertising facial landscaping are vast. Throughout his tenure on Twitch, he has gone from having long hair to having a completely shaven head. At the same time, he’s had varying degrees of facial hair from being clean shaven to having a full beard and everything in between. 

Along with talking extensively about Gillette shaving products while playing today, Tim and Gillette further activated their partnership by encouraging viewers to post photos of their beards on social media with the #KingCGillette.

According to Tim, Gillette intends to contact people who made posts and reward them with some products.

While the promotion wasn’t your typical sponsored Twitch stream, early indications during the stream suggested that it was going well. Receiving a message from a viewer, Tim was informed that the trimmer he was spending a decent amount of time promoting was out of stock on the Gillette website.

“The ad is working,” Tim said. “Everyone type PogChamp.”

At the end of his two-hour session, Tim spent a little bit of time thanking Gillette for sponsoring part of his stream and gave all of its products one last plug. All-in-all, The sponsored segment of Tim’s stream averaged a little more than 30,000 viewers, peaking at 31,000.

Tim has done a few unorthodox sponsored streams lately. Earlier in the month, he creatively promoted Pete Davidson’s new movie “The King of Staten Island” during a two-hour segment of his stream while playing Warzone.