The best of MC Championship 10: Pokimane learns the game, Dream plays for charity, and more

September has been a wild month for Minecraft.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

When you tune into the MC Championships, you never know just what kind of content you are going to get. Mostly because Minecraft viewers can choose to watch from the perspective of multiple players across 10 different teams during each event, which provides a customized experience. 

And the 10th iteration of the Minecraft tournament was no different, bringing a mixture of top streamers, veterans, and viewer combatants into the ring to battle it out in various events. 

It was a bit of a shock to some to see HBomb94 not competing after winning his third-title in MCC 9, but hearing him on commentary for the Admin View stream with Noxcrew was awesome for fans. And it was made even better when FalseSymmetry became the first ever back-to-back champion with an incredible Ace in Dodgebolt.

PeteZahHutt also tied Dream for the most total championship wins at three, which could be an interesting storyline heading into the next event. 

And while he didn’t win, one of the biggest names in the event Dream played this week with the goal of raising money for charity. In front of an average of 122,697 viewers, Dream and the Red Rabbits finished in third, raising more than $3,400 during the MCC 10. 

One of the highlights of the event for fans was seeing Pokimane try her hand at competitive Minecraft again. But the true content was her interactions with teammates TommyInnit and Tubbo, while WilburSoot tried to play the mediator—most of the time. 

It mostly devolved into some form of Tommy and Tubbo yelling and Poki not knowing exactly what she needed to do, which was later explained when she revealed she played a majority of the event without having the MCC server’s custom texture pack on, which is needed to see important blocks and assets in each map. She did eventually get that issue fixed though. 

At one point, Tubbo’s game even crashed while Wilbur and Poki were trying to coordinate materials during Big Sales at Build Mart, which led to even more yelling before ending with some fun, wholesome teasing

But everything wasn’t perfect for the Aqua Axolotls. Tommy’s chat and several viewers on Twitter constantly harassed Poki, the other players, and other not so great stuff. This led to Wilbur calling it out on his stream and thanking his chat for not getting involved in spreading the toxicity, before ending the stream with some fun, wholesome teasing. 

Poki does plan on playing again—despite all of the negatives—so that is a good sign, and so was the reception for the viewer teams. 

Because this was the first week where Noxcrew added two teams composed entirely of viewers, no one really knew how it would go. And while both teams didn’t do that hot, placing eighth and 10th respectively, the entire experiment was a huge success overall. 

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