Tfue struggles to get used to Escape from Tarkov during break from Fortnite

But at least he's having fun.

Screengrab via Tfue

Tfue might be one of the best Fortnite players in the world, but his stream last night showed that he has a lot to learn in Escape from Tarkov.

While taking a break from the countless hours that he’s spent playing Fortnite over the past two years, Tfue decided to indulge in the flavor of the month that is EFT. But his lack of familiarity with some of the game’s mechanics led to some fairly entertaining moments at the expense of Tfue’s ego.

Tfue hasn’t been on the EFT hype train since it first became massively popular on Twitch at the end of December. So naturally, there are some nuances to the game that he hasn’t yet mastered as you might expect from someone like Summit1g, Dr Disrespect, or DrLupo.

While playing with his former Fortnite duos partner Cloakzy, Tfue streamed under the title “Fortnite is TRASH” yesterday—and some of the situations he found himself in proved to be humbling and hilarious. 

Among other things, Tfue managed to miss a headshot on a willing victim who stream sniped him to give him loot. The player found him in-game and after realizing it was him, gave him gear. 

Tfue asked Cloak “do I kill him?” and the player began to nod his character’s head, suggesting that he wanted Tfue to get a kill on him. But it took a little bit longer than maybe it should have for Tfue to confirm the elimination. 

Later on in the stream, Tfue showed that some of his world-class situational awareness in Fortnite also hasn’t translated to EFT

As he walked down a hallway with Cloak, Tfue aimed down his scope to wait for an opponent to peek from an intersection of halls on the right side. Waiting patiently, Tfue never even managed to get a shot off on an enemy player because they were actually on the opposite side. 

All Tfue could do after the fact was sit in silence before bursting out in laughter, yelling “where was he?”

At another point, Tfue even managed to take his own life when he tried to clear out an area in a hallway with a grenade. Instead of launching the explosive down the hall, he accidentally bounced it off of a vending machine. 

Not realizing that he had just effectively rolled the grenade back to himself, he stood still as it exploded right next to him, killing him in the process. 

Luckily for Tfue, he had a good sense of humor about it all. While he’s known for being intensely competitive when it comes to Fortnite, his break to play a little bit of EFT has managed to give him a few laughs—even if he’s laughing at the fact that he just accidentally killed himself.