Tfue reportedly swatted live on stream

The streamer did not comment on the situation.

Screengrab via

Popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney appeared to be the victim of a swatting attempt today during a live stream.

While he played Minecraft, an unknown person can be heard in the background saying Tenney should “come out with his hands up.” Tenney, who seemed confused by the voice, left his setup and said, “I have my hands up, sir.”

After briefly disappearing, Tenney returned on-screen and did not comment on the situation. Instead, he sat silently for a few moments before again playing Minecraft.

Tenney would not be the first streamer to be a victim of swatting. Summit1G and former CS:GO pro N0thing have both been swatted on stream. The most notable incident of swatting, however, came in 2017 when Wichita resident Andrew Finch was killed by a police officer.

The police department was responding to a call that claimed the man at Finch’s house had murdered someone and was holding others at gunpoint. In actuality, a fraudulent call had been made by a gamer that was involved in a dispute over a Call of Duty wager.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available about Tfue’s incident.