Tfue challenges Ninja to MMA fight, Ninja declines

The former FaZe player wants to settle things in a ring.

Photo via Tfue

The rivalry between Fortnite streamers Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins came to an explosive head today.

In a new video posted today by Tfue, the former FaZe player said that he’s had enough after a hacker hijacked Ninja’s Twitter and challenged Tfue to a fight. That was just the final catalyst in a long-brewing battle, according to Tfue.

“You guys know, for years and years, me and Ninja have been rivals,” said Tfue in the four-minute video. “Competing versus each other in H1Z1, to PUBG, to Fortnite. And ever since I started blowing up in social media, blowing up on Twitch, whatever it may be, he’s been trying to tear me down, he’s been talking shit behind my back.”

Tfue then went on to say that Ninja tried to get Tfue “permanently banned” in an attempt to ruin the former FaZe player’s career.

“I know he doesn’t like me,” continued Tfue. “And I know that he’s been trying to tear me down forever, and I’m giving him the opportunity now to tear me down in the ring. I don’t care, UFC, MMA, whatever. The KSI-Logan Paul shit went down, it went well, like, why don’t we do it? Like, let’s run it, I’m not scared. If anything, he’s scared.”

Ninja soon responded on Twitter shortly after the video was uploaded, saying that he has no interest in fighting Tfue, and that he doesn’t hate him.

Ninja’s Twitter was hacked for a short time earlier this week and Tfue was just one of the targets of the hacker’s tweets while the account was compromised.

Tfue ended his tirade in the video by taking shots at Ninja’s viewer counts on Mixer compared to his own on Twitch, saying that Ninja needs the fight more than he does because his numbers are down.

“I just wanna get in the ring with this fool and literally end it,” said Tfue. “You either get in the ring and be a man and let’s do this, or like, just shut the fuck up, admit you’re a pussy, and never talk shit. Never talk about my name ever again, because you’re irrelevant.”

It takes two to fight, and it looks like Ninja wants no part of it. But for now, the juicy drama will continue as countless fans watch to see who fires the next shot in this long-standing rivalry.